“Instructional Design Funnies” Series: When Being Sexy is Outside of Your ZPD

The “Instructional Design Funnies” series is a new series of blog posts in which I’ll curate adult learning techniques and theories featured in movies, sitcoms, and other media.
I was watching this first clip this weekend. TV Land was having a late night Friends marathon. This clip is from a Season 5 episode, “Thanksgiving Flashbacks”. The setup is that college-aged Monica has lost weight and wants to get back at Chandler for calling her “fat” at a previous gathering. Rachel convinces Monica to seduce-and-reject Chandler and tries very quickly to teach Monica how to be sexy using every-day objects as props. The lesson, though good, was a little too quick and clearly out of Monica’s ZPD. I mean, really, what could go wrong when you’re told to “just act like everything around you turns you on”?
(Apologies – looks like most versions of this clip have been pulled from the internet, so I can only now find a partial clip.)


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