5 Gifts For the Instructional Designer in Your Life

I was in PetSmart today. They had red, green, and white “lollipops” made of rawhide for the puppies, and on discount, no less – 25% off. It’s only October, people. The jingle bells music can wait.

That shopping trip got me thinking about my own “Instructional Design” wish list for the season. Here are a few of my picks.

What is it (linked) Why it’s cool Approximate Cost, USD
The StoryHow PitchDeck This is a deck of sixty (60) playing cards helps you find, develop, and tell business stories. Use it to transform messages, ideas, and presentations into compelling narratives. $50
USB Monitor Extender USB! More screen real estate! YAAASSSSS! Have you ever tried to build a Powerpoint slide with the animation pane and the selection tool both up? It leaves no room for the slide. You need all the screen real estate you can get. You might think: why not just get a bigger screen instead? Answer: Portability. If you need to have more screen real estate in multiple physical environments (work, home, etc), this USB monitor thingy might be the better solution. $180
Portrait to Landscape Monitor So, if you don’t care about portability, get a big, rotating screen. With so many of us doing work for mobile devices, it’s useful to have a portrait view to look at your mobile designs. But it’s also good to have landscape mode so you can get the most out of ID software, such as Powerpoint $170
Communication Arts Magazine A well-established and beautiful magazine about visual communication. 6 issues/year. $53 for print
Cognitoy You know how I feel about this. The intersection of NLP, AI, and personalized learning? Every ID’er needs to experience this to see if/how it works and how it can be applied for workplace learning. $120

Updates (more gifts I found useful after the Original Post).


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