Jyoti’s (Not So) Far-fetched Predictions for the Future of Learning

Ahhhh… It’s just nice to just sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and have some me-time with my thoughts. I’m so excited about all the stuff I’ve been reading about lately through “The Twitter” = as an old friend calls it.

I’ve been in the learning industry for years now, and, like you, giirrrlll, I’ve lived through some hype. OMG: mLearning! OMG: MOOCs! OMG: microlearning! I’m kinda over all the hype, and as a technologist-turned-educator, I think I have a pretty good radar for what new thing is actually going to stick.

  1. AI-enabled learning paths in LMSs: Ever have to sit through a learning path discussion with a marketing team? Tee hee hee! That’s a good use of your happy place, right? Thankfully, as AI gets embedded into LMS design, a side effect can be to have the LMS look for trends and patterns in learning records related to content consumption. If the LMS can identify the same pattern of consumption over and over again, then that becomes a natural learning path. I think we will see human-made and AI-generated learning paths in the future, living side by side, in LMSs. I also think the most accurate AI-generated learning paths will come from LMSs attached to professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn. I can see a future where LinkedIn might even sell back to companies their AI-generated insights into corporate learning paths.
  2. 3D-VR Instructors: I’m boldly going to predict that learning site vendors, similar to Microtek, will begin to invest in 3D-VR-enabled technologies. Can you imagine being one instructor and teaching two classrooms in a live-ish manner? The “ish” part comes from the fact that you’ll be live in one classroom, while a live, 3D holographic projection of you is teaching in another classroom. I think there are so, so, so many benefits of using a live-but-holographic instructor over a traditional virtual classroom. First of all, its just more personal and engaging. I’d rather spend 8 hours a day being entertained by an animated hologram rather than staring at a Powerpoint deck projected from half-way around the world.
  3. Multi-lingual Speech-to-text and Text-to-speech in LMSs: I think the day is coming where we won’t need to create content in a bunch of different languages. We just need to produce content in our native language, and the LMS will translate the content on-demand, based on the audience’s preferences. I believe that you will have the option of written and/or spoken on-demand translation.

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